UFC 140: Bones vs The Dragon

The Main Event: Jon “Bones” Jones vs Lyoto  “The Dragon” Machida 

If you’re some RTS (real time strategy game) nut head whose life revolves around Defense of the Ancients (DOTA), Alienware, Coca-cola and bags of chips, then you’ll probably think it’s Bone Clinkz vs Knight Davion The Dragon Knight. No, it’s not another PvP DOTA game and UFC is not an RTS game. This is the Ultimate Fighting Championship and we got another history in the making as the UFC light heavyweight champion Jon “Bones” Jones defends his title for the second time against former UFC light heavyweight champion Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida.

Perhaps this will go down in UFC history as one of the greatest if not the greatest fight ever.

It looks like some 1930’s boxing match poster.

Both fighters are famous for being unorthodox and unpredictable. You got the ever elusive Machida whose karate skills made him undefeated in 16 fights to become a UFC light heavyweight champion before he got dethroned and defeated for the first time by Shogun Rua. Then here comes the current champion Jon Jones, who dismantled Rua in a devastating fashion and took away Rua’s belt to become the youngest UFC light heavyweight champion. Jones is also being dubbed as the future of the sport whose unpredictability and unorthodox fighting style matches or may even surpass that of Machida.

He should “Hadoken” Bones if he can’t beat him with his Karate

Lyoto Machida Stats:

Mixed martial arts record
Total 19
Wins 17
By knockout 6
By submission 2
By decision 9
Losses 2
By knockout 1
By decision 1

 What I think Machida will do:

Machida is known for his elusiveness due to his karate background of darting in and out of the zone as he hit his opponents with effective punches and kicks that can only be seen in a karate match. Being a 3rd dan Shotokan Karate black belt, he can surprise Jones with his precision striking as he goes inside the zone to frustrate Jones with his evasive maneuvers. If he connects, he shouldn’t stop and if he misses, he must backpedal fast while throwing some punches to avoid a takedown.

A thousand Karate side kicks should be enough to break Bones.

What Machida should look out for:

That’s one hell of a spinning boney elbow!

WWE can be pretty helpful too.

Jones unreal reach (84.5 inches), 3-inch height advantage (Jones is 6 feet 4), unorthodox striking and wrestling are more than enough to tackle, out-muscle, and turn you into a WWE highlight reel. With suplex, flying knees, spinning elbows from all directions and submissions from whatever angles, Jones can make any elite fighter look like an amateur.

He doesn’t look too boney at all.

Jone Jones stats:

Mixed martial arts record
Total 15
Wins 14
By knockout 8
By submission 4
By decision 2
Losses 1
By disqualification 1

According to Joe Rogan, Jon Jones is one of those fighters that comes in a few years in the sport who really stands out. This guy has been blasting, dominating and tossing other fighters, including the top dogs in the division with ease like they’re a bunch of washed out fighters. Jones is gifted with freakish athleticism, youth and unbelievable reach (84.5-inch inch arm reach, the longest in all the UFC fighters). Either this guy is so good it’s insane or this world is nothing, but a Matrix and Jones is the One. Yes, Joe he does stand out because he took the blue pill, a whole bottle of ’em.

What Jones should watch out for:

Machida’s footwork, precision striking and his karate kid crane kick that sent Randy Couture’s tooth flying to retirement courtesy of Steven Seagal.

Mr. Miyagi should be so proud too.

Who I think will win:

Machida has enjoyed a cloak of invincibility and enigma in his first 15 fight winning streak before being exposed by Shogun and perhaps with Rampage Jackson. This time that aura of invincibility has been transferred to Jon Jones and Machida needs to tap all the power of the dragons in Asia to pull off an upset or Bones will impale the Dragon to the brink of extinction.

Though I’m not counting Machida out because Machida has a puncher’s or a jumping crane kick chance and Jones chin has yet to be tested, however, that’s about it. Jones, on the other hand, has so many creative ways how to defeat Machida, he can make you jump out of your seat. I see Bones taking out the Dragon via submission or technical knockout in any round, he chooses to end the fight.


I’ve been busy for the past few weeks with work and was not able to write these fight analysis days ago. So I decided to write about it in the last minute or more like a few hours before the scheduled fight. I don’t think I’m able to write now about the (two) co-main event which is a rematch between Frank Mir and Minotauro Nogueira and also Nougiera’s younger brother Antonio Rogerio Nogueira going for the first time against the Huntington Beach bad boy Tito Ortiz. It’s already 5:30 am and I need to catch a few zzz’s or I might miss out the whole UFC 140 events. NOOOOOOOO!!!

The Nogueira brothers side by side against Mir and Ortiz.

Anyway, I believe both co-main event fights are going to be instant fireworks so you better stay tuned later because this is a stack card waiting to become one of the best classic fights.  Not to mention a championship bout between the new breed Jon “Bone” Jones, who took mix martial arts as one martial art unit against Lyoto “the Dragon” Machida, who started with one traditional martial art before adding other distinct styles of martial arts to become a mix martial artist.

The basketball player vs the business man in some parallel universe.

You have the new approach vs the old approach in this championship bout. Stylistically, the fight is going to be very interesting which I believe will be talked about by UFC fans, fight fans and mma pundits for decades to come. Peace!

Here’s an extended preview of UFC 140 just in case you miss out:


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